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Lucio Fulci’s last movie is a right old stinkfest. Its premise – what if the horror director Lucio Fulci started to lose his mind? Mistaking reality for the awful things he filmed? So very meta.

Now what if the fictional Fulci (seen working on two of his last films – Touch of Death & Ghosts of Sodom) took to seeing a psychoanalyst in order to understand why he is haunted by gore and violence. Now what if that good doctor, under the influence of Fulci’s films, started putting the psycho into psychoanalyst? There would be some dead hookers, most likely.

The movie could really have benefited from an increased role of the major plot, especially since David Thompson devours the screen time he is given as the mad doctor. The whole cuckold’s revenge could have made for a better and more effective gore flick.

Instead what we are treated to is a silly frame stuffed around a group of clips form other movies. CAT IN THE BRAIN felt like one of those clips episodes of your favorite sit-com where the cast sat around and recounted the last season’s antics. BOOOOOORING.

But the clips are pretty good. At least they are squishy and oozing and over-the-top as evidenced by the scene of the kid getting his head cut off by a chainsaw! But by the time Fulci is passed out, due to hypnosis (!), and the field is littered with cops and we hear that the murderous psycho has been killed (off screen!), it is hard to care anymore. Especially, since the movie drags on a few more minutes attempting to toss out one or two more desperate sight gags – the basket of gore and the huggy secretary. We realize that the whole movie has been a movie that Fulci was shooting within the movie. Or some damn thing.

Overall, this is a hard one to watch, even for someone like me, who rather enjoys even the worst Fulci has to offer us.


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